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'RECOVERY' reconfiguration and expansion of Mariposa Land Port of Entry (LPOE) in Nogales, Arizona

This opportunity is a Recovery and Reinvestment Act action
Solicitation Number: GS-09P-10-KTC-0005
Agency: General Services Administration
Office: Public Buildings Service (PBS)
Location: GSA, PBS, Design & Construction Division (9P2PC)
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Added: Dec 02, 2009 1:22 pm

Description:  The General Services Administration (GSA) announces an opportunity for Construction Excellence in Public Buildings, GSA will be using funds from the FY 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for this project.

Project Summary:  The General Service Administration (GSA) plans to reconfigure and expand the existing Mariposa Land Port of Entry (LPOE) in Nogales, Arizona. The project will expand the existing LPOE to accommodate increasing volumes of privately owned vehicles (POV), pedestrian, and commercial traffic. The proposed project will also replace the existing port facilities with new expanded facilities capable to handle the increase volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The construction will consist of the phased demolition of the existing port, construction of a new main building, head house, kennels, truck inspection docks, NII (Non-Intrusive Inspection) processing area, hazmat area, seizure vault, vehicular parking and primary and secondary canopies for POV inspection. The project will include new noncommercial and commercial primary inspection booths and construct a new outbound inspection/export processing area.


 The new port of entry is expected to achieve at least a LEED Silver Rating through a combination of a substantial photovoltaic installation, solar domestic hot water system, advanced lighting, building automation system with diagnostics, and other systems that will be implemented to assure continued performance in the future.  The cost of construction is estimated in the range of $100,000,000 to $115,000,000.


Procurement Strategy: In accordance with Part 15 of the FAR, a "Best Value" Source Selection will be used to determine the offeror that provides the most advantageous proposal to the Government.  The offerors will be required to provide a technical proposal based on the requirements of Sections L and M in the RFP, and a price proposal in accordance with the RFP.  The technical and price proposals will be due to the Government at the same time.  The technical and price proposals will be delivered in separate envelopes.  The technical proposals will be opened and the offerors ranked in accordance with this plan.  Once the firms are ranked technically, the price proposals will be opened.  The price proposals will be ranked with the low priced offeror being ranked the highest. The technical and price proposals will then be evaluated to determine the offeror who has provided the "Best Value" to the Government.  There may be trade off of price and technical offers.   If discussions are required prior to award, the Government will develop a shortlist (Competitive Range) of the top three to five most highly rated firms combining technical rating and price in accordance with FAR Part 15.3.  The contracting officer may determine that the number of most highly rated proposals that might otherwise be included in the Competitive Range exceeds the number at which an efficient competition can be conducted.  The firms in the competitive range will participate in discussions with the Government.  Upon completion of discussions the Offerors may revise their proposals and resubmit in accordance with direction given by the Contracting Officer.  The technical and price proposals will then be evaluated to determine the offeror who has provided the "Best Value" to the Government.  There may be a trade off of price and technical offers.   The Government may award to an offeror other than low price.  The technical quality of the proposal is more important than the price for this solicitation.  However, as technical proposals become more equal, price will become a greater factor.  Award may be made without discussions.  The Government may make an award without having discussions.

The RFP will be issued on or about 01/05/2010.

Opportunities for other than Large Businesses:  This procurement will be open to large and small business firms.  Any qualified responsible firm, including small business, veteran-owned small business, service-disabled veteran owned small business, HUBZone small business, small disadvantaged business, and women-owned small business is encouraged to participate as a prime contractor or as a member of a joint venture with other small businesses, or as a subcontractor Pursuant to Section 8(d) of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 637(d), FAR subpart 19.702 and FAR subpart 19.12, an Offeror that is not a small business concern, offering to perform a contract that has subcontracting possibilities, must submit a Subcontracting Plan that is acceptable to the Contracting Officer which provides subcontracting opportunities to small businesses, HUBZone small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, and woman-owned small businesses to the maximum extent practicable.  In this procurement, GSA intends to promote contractors' and subcontractors' use of registered Apprenticeship Programs.

Although not mandatory, firms are requested to affix their names to the Interested Vendors Listing for this requirement and register to receive notifications.          

450 Golden Gate Avenue, 3rd floor West
San Francisco, California 94102
Mariposa Land Port of Entry
Highway 189 and International Border, Nogales, Arizona 85648

Nogales, Arizona 85648
United States
Gregory McSweeney,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 4155223121
Joseph Nolan,
Contracting Specialist
Phone: 4155224010